Friday, December 25, 2009

The Merit Fitness 715E Elliptical Trainer

Affordability Meets Efficiency for a Extraordinary Home Gym.

I recognize when I you view advertisements for gym memberships or for elliptical units, the prices that they charge are a set back. So if an elliptical machine producer makes a machine that does the job of furnishing workouts at home for a price that does not force you to take out a second mortgage, that is amazing. And that is exactly the thing that is offered in the Merit Fitness 715E Elliptical Trainer Unit however it still presents you a workout at home that will make you sweat!

Plenty of Options for a Great Price - Just because the Merit Fitness 715E Elliptical Trainer is affordable, that does not result in you getting a stripped down version of a true elliptical unit. The Merit Fitness 715E Elliptical Trainer is substantially built with a 10-pound flywheel so it can give you a workout and keep up with your exercise aspirations for years to come. You also get eight resistance levels so you always have a next step to achieve a harder workout to keep you working hard.

Made for the Household Setting - There is an efficient computer program that is included with the Merit Fitness 715E Elliptical Trainer but you do not need to be a computer geek to figure out how to employ it. It performs all the difficult work of calculating your distance, speed, the time of your workout, your heart rate, and the calories you have burned. It is simple to keep an eye on your heart rate during the workout because there are thumb pulse monitors directly on the elliptical. The feel of the pedals supporting your body are sturdy and flowing so you can throw yourself into your workout without concerns. That is what you need for a home gym machine to assist you in making serious advancement with your exercise aspirations.

The Merit Fitness 715E Elliptical Trainer Review – Unfavorable Aspects

Consumer critiques of the Merit Fitness 715E Elliptical Trainer Machine have been overwhelmingly good, This is a great home gym for a cost that is a good fit to a family budget. In that setting, even though the scope of what the Merit Fitness 715E Elliptical Trainer furnishes is limited, it is sufficient for a family setting where the family members just want to workout without needing to invest in a costly gym membership. For serious athletes or for those who would like to to plan a exercise routine that is high intensity, this might not be the right home gym unit for you.

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